Business Development
Telling Your Story in a Digital World
Designed to facilitate an understanding of the importance of digital storytelling for social enterprises and social impact businesses, this workshop will explore concepts including brand awareness, organizational capacity, and creating strategic plans for marketing goals. Yasser will discuss how to create effective social media campaigns – looking at content creation, appropriate platforms, and measuring success. The goal of this workshop is to allow you to return to your organizations with a better understanding of how to tell your story in an online world, and create a community around it – not only of supporters, but of clients as well.

Introduction to Social Enterprise 101: The Forms and Function of Business
A social enterprise is a business with a social, cultural, recreational or environmental mission “baked right into its DNA.” Join us in this session to understand the definitions, the lingo, the trends, the opportunities and the challenges of social enterprise. Drawing on concrete examples of social enterprises operating in Canada, this introductory course addresses concrete questions on legal forms, balancing social missions, organizational cautions and defining the purpose of a social enterprise. If you want to understand more about what social enterprises are (and are not!), this session is your chance to get an introduction and ask foundational questions.

Buying Social
3) Models for Encouraging Social Purchasing
Want purchasers to add a social value to their current procurement decisions? That requires creating new relationships, adjusting policy and implementing different practices by both suppliers and buyers. This workshop shares tips, models and advice on strategies and designs to engage suppliers and purchasers to enter into collaborative processes, speak each other’s language, and work together. Buy Social will be used as an example of a model that engages and encourages a new paradigm of social purchasing.

Presented by David LePage
4) Ready…Set…Create!
Join Jennifer and Peter in a fast-paced, hands-on session that will have you rapid prototyping your story. Come prepared with story ideas and ready to create! With a few useful tools, they will help you turn your experiences into a compelling story that you can put to use immediately. We will make media together! BONUS: You’ll have the opportunity to share your stories on a special platform and top stories will be shared on stage at the closing plenary for all to hear!

Cross Sector Partnership
5) Main Street to Bay Street: Bringing Social Finance Home
This session will appeal to conference participants who are exploring, implementing or managing social finance programs for their community. Lina will share a localized model for social finance that engages cross-sector community actors while connecting with national resources. We’ll journey coast-to-coast to learn about other social finance models, vehicles and structures. We will also explore the needs of the social investor. This interactive session will allow participants to share their own experiences, learn from each other and engage in a discussion about tested approaches and challenges encountered in implementing social finance models in their own community.

6) Le Voyage de Privée à Sociale- French Session
Rejoignez Caroline alors qu’elle peint une toile de possibilités pour la transformation des entreprises privées en entreprises sociales lesquelles appartiennent et sont gérées par les dirigeants de la communauté. Son implication avec le Groupe Convex est une histoire extraordinaire à travers laquelle des projets d’affaires servent a’ catalyser le changement socio-économique pour la région de Prescott-Russell.

Business Development
1) Be Curious
In this highly engaging, interactive workshop, participants will discover their potential for change, how to be curious for the purpose of social impact and discover the missing elements they need for success. Participants will learn how to create an ecosystem around them that will positively impact their communities. Social enterprise is about building a community to solve a social problem. This workshop will help people who are beginning that discussion or growing a startup social enterprise to evaluate and discover new possibilities and strengthen their leadership.

2) Entreprise sociale 101 et plus encore!
Comment entreprendre autrement et réussir en affaire? Pourquoi s’associer pour créer de bons emplois? Est-ce que notre organisation est une entreprise sociale? Comment les développer, les gérer et les faire croître? De la théorie à la pratique, tout simplement mais efficacement, levons le voile sur ces entreprises qui changent des vies et des communautés.

3) “Don’t Do Stupid Stuff”: Is There More to Governance and Leadership?
What is good governance, good management and good decision-making in an established social enterprise? Can nonprofit leaders effectively govern, manage to multiple bottom-lines and achieve the nimble decision-making which characterize successful market based enterprises? What characteristics contribute to board members and managers expediting the business of the social enterprise? Participants in this interactive session will address these questions and explore the similarities and differences between traditional nonprofit leadership and that of social enterprises, using real life examples. They are invited to consider their governance, management or decision-making challenge and bring it to the session.

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