The Canadian Conference on Social Enterprise will highlight experts in social enterprise from Canada and abroad. These expert presenters on Social Enterprise will lead you through the featured conference streams below.

Topic Streams
Business Development
From planning to start up and on to scaling, social enterprises require a unique set of blended value business skills and knowledge. This stream offers a series of sessions from basic planning for those just approaching the social enterprise market to the advanced business tools for those who wish to see growth in their existing social enterprise. Topics will include business idea generation and planning, corporate models, marketing, CRA issues, measuring success, funding sources and more.

Cross Sector Partnership
This string of interactively designed sessions will address the importance of relationship building between and across sectors. We see a critical need for tools, resources and networking opportunities that extend beyond the current circles within our social enterprise environment. Increasingly, the private sector, government at all levels, academia and others have a mutual interest when it comes to addressing social issues, building local economies and strengthening community sustainability. Using storytelling, we will emphasize successful examples of cross-sector engagement and the role of government and the academic community in advancing the social enterprise ecosystem.

Buying Social
While enterprise development among non-profits has grown exponentially in the past few years, many still face great challenges in how to address sales growth through social procurement and social purchasing. This stream will focus on how to get “buy in” from government, institutions, non-profits and corporations to include social benefit in their procurement policies and practices. Sessions will focus on relationship building, accreditation, community benefit agreements, and partnerships.

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